Ministry Expansion Project

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Over the past 10 years, TOLM has been able to minister to hundreds of students and their families through Mount Sinai Christian School and engage in various community outreaches. But God has given us a vision for so much more, and we are currently seeking to expand our ministry center in Guatemala. Our Ministry Expansion Project has seven phases. We have already begun Phases 1 and 2.

Development Phases:


Phase 1

3 Classrooms - $10,000

Currently, our classrooms are overcrowded, and we are seeking to build new classrooms to foster a good environment for our students to learn and allow us to reach more children.

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Phase 2

Multipurpose Room & Retaining Wall - $20,000

The multipurpose room will have so many uses for us in ministry. We have over 15 staff members and we often meet outside, crammed in a small office, a classroom, or meet at an offsite location.

In addition, one of our dreams at TOLM has been to be able to host and provide adult literacy classes for members of the community who are illiterate or struggle to read and write. We would also like to offer after-school tutoring for children of the community and this space would be so beneficial.

The retaining wall will be built to support the expansion and current infrastructure.

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Phase 3

Missions Center - $80,000

The missions center will be a two-level building. The lower level will be used to host medical clinics for the community, featuring examination rooms and offices.

The upper level will consist of offices for our staff. We only have one small office now that is shared among all the staff.

It will also have several rooms which can be used for some of the same purposes of the multipurpose room. This space can also be used for woodshop classes which will be offered to students and members of the community to help them learn a trade which can create a sustainable income.

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Phase 4

New Sanctuary - $70,000

In this phase, we will build a new sanctuary for Mount Sinai Evangelical Mission Church. We partner with and do ministry alongside this local church. This new building will allow the church more needed space to continue growing and ministering to members of the community. It will also include a baptistry.

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Phase 5

Transform Former Sanctuary into 6-8 Classrooms - $25,000

After the new sanctuary is built, we will divide the current sanctuary into 6-8 classrooms. We will also take this opportunity to update the electricity and make any repairs needed. These classrooms can be used by the school and the church. Our desire is to have a library, science lab, and computer lab to enrich the education we provide to our students.

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Phase 6

Multipurpose Athletic Center & Parking Lot - $30,000

The multipurpose athletic center will be used for the school, the church, and outreach activities. God gave us the desire many years ago for a Sports Program to reach children in Magdalena and the surrounding communities. We would also like to host a free exercise program for the people of Magdalena to teach them about nutrition, hygiene, and physical wellness. The parking lot can be used for staff, church members, and visitors.

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Concurrent Phase

Concurrent Phase - $55,000

During Phases 4-6, we will be concurrently working on a few other aspects of expansion. First, we will be installing bathrooms and new electricity. Then we will build a property wall for security. We will create ramps and stairs throughout the property for ease of mobility in moving from one building to the next.

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Phase 7

Patio, Playground Fence, Green Area to Play - $10,000

In this final phase, we will create a recreational patio and green area that connects to the current playground. We will put up a fence around the playground and new space. Tables will be added to the area for people to sit and gather.

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