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The Program

TOLM’s Teacher Sponsorship Program helps to support our teachers at Mount Sinai Christian School as they invest in the children they teach. This will help support the teachers, their families, and their continuing education. Minimum wage in Guatemala is $425 per month.


You can choose to do a monthly sponsorship of any amount to help us pay our teachers minimum wage. You can set up a recurring payment with a credit/debit card on our website or click below to learn about the various other ways you can pay.

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You will receive newsletter updates from the teacher a few times a year and you can also write a letter to the teacher you sponsor.

“Sponsorship is something I never imagined I would receive, especially from someone that does not know me, who cares about supporting my family and me. This gift means so much as I am able to provide for my family and be encouraged by those who support us monthly. It makes me want to give the best of myself every single day.” -Nelson Juárez, sponsored since 2018